Taxation is a key component of the economic and financial environment for business. Our tax consulting profession is part of a lasting relationship, footprint requirement and proximity, which allows our teams to acquire the culture of the company and integrate the tax dimension in the process of strategic decisions.

We provide tax advisory services and warned continuously in the following areas:

  • Corporate Tax
  • Taxation of individuals
  • Indirect taxation and local taxation
  • Fiscal advantages
  • Taxation of hydrocarbons

We offer you a range of benefits that you can choose according to your needs and develops around the following services:


Fiscal/social risk management

Our mission is to help you better manage tax risk:

  • Prepare or review of tax / social statements.
  • Identifying and the key risk hierarchy, monitor and control risks and make the corrective operations.
  • tax audits / Social blank, to identify any tax or social risk can be detected during a fiscal or social control and verify compliance with the regulations of your practices.
  • Provide annual or quarterly estimated tax / social risks, particularly to meet the needs of Tunisian and IFRS standards.
  • Regularize the tax situation / Social your business.

Transaction Tax

Each transaction you make (acquisition, merger, sale, restructuring, IPO) has tax consequences. Understanding and anticipating these challenges can mitigate the associated risks, to better exploit opportunities and provide you the elements that will play a decisive role in the negotiations. Our mission is to:

  • Conduct due diligence of tax and social side buyer or seller.
  • Analysis of tax risks of target companies.

International taxation

  • Supporting you in securing and structuring your international flows: management fees, intragroup funding, transfer of dividends, returns of capital, establishment of branches.
  • Advise you on the best practices on the international mobility of staff to comply with tax and social legislation.
  • Advise you on the expatriation of implications on tax and social situation of the staff, tax obligations and those of the employer, the pension and social security of personnel.
  • Assistance expatriates on arrival in Tunisia or when they leave.
  • Presentation of the main aspects of Tunisian expatriates related taxation and tax obligations.
  • Advice on the choice of a tax residence and social security coverage.
  • Optimization of remuneration.
  • Obtaining a work visa and residence card.
  • Tax computation on income of foreign staff and preparation of tax returns.
  • Preparation of tax clearance.

Assistance to tax audit/social

We provide assistance and support during the different phases of the tax or social control.

We are with you to organize the arrival of the inspector, assist you in the conduct of inspection operations and finally, if necessary, to challenge the leaders of reassessments.