We offer you a range of benefits that develops around the following services: 


Business Transfers

Acquiring a company divest non-strategic businesses go public, undertake a merger, creating a strategic alliance, or open its capital are all complex and risky transactions in which the company and the investors face.

Our mission is to advise and support throughout the transaction.


Financial modeling and evaluation

Financial modeling and the determination of fair value are major issues for business leaders to have an accurate assessment of your business, when you want to prepare transmission or negotiate a stake in new partners or investors.

Our mission is to build or review financial models incorporating different scenarios and sensitivity analyzes, estimate the value of your business or your interests, evaluate your intangible and tangible assets.



Financial due diligence

Identify existing and potential risks that may impact the company's performance and its valuation in the transfer of business (acquisions, divestitures, IPOs ...) is a major issue when transmitting business.

The buyer or seller side, our mission is to help you sécuiser your transaction by identifying risks meanings related to the proposed transaction.



Set of business financing strategy, structure, financing and implementation, are all important operations in the life of the company and as part of its development in the local market or abroad.

Our mission coniste to assist you in raising part of funds by equity or by debt.